A Member of the Glantus Groupglantus

Adest have joined as a member of the Glantus Group and will shortly be known as Glantus.

About Our AP Solutions

Our focus is to eliminate manual processes from the role of accounts processing by developing visionary, innovative, yet simple to use software solutions. Whether it’s in the Cloud, on premise or from a mobile device, it is our customers choice where and how they use our software.

Adest, founded in 1994, provides solutions to thousands of users globally. As a result we have accumulated vast expertise in the development, specification and implementation of automated software solutions for Purchase to Payment processing.

We simply remove inadequate, antiquated, inefficient, costly, manual and unprofitable processes by creating a platform for seamless automated accounts and related business processing.

What we believe

Continual development of new and better software products increases our customers productivity through greater efficiency and productivity.

By analysing every process from requisition to payment against our ‘straight through’ mind-set and methodology we can offer a software platform for successfully automating our customers business processes.

Every transaction can be automated, therefore our customers can get more done, in a better way and with greater job satisfaction.

We can make each customer we work with more competitive; this is how we help companies perform better and increase profits.