March 21

Top Tips for AP Team Management

Each year companies devote large budgets to sourcing employees with skills and qualities that suit the organisation. Once new recruits are brought into the company, regardless of assigned department, some form of training is required for the new employee to learn how the company operates. However this level of investment could be reduced if management focus on retention rather than recruitment. By introducing the following suggested changes to the style of management this will quickly benefit the company.


Remind the AP team of the company and department’s goals

To ensure the company and department goals are harmonious train staff not only in AP processes but also in the procedures of departments AP works closely with. Equipped with this knowledge AP employees will understand and have empathy for challenges in other departments and can alter their communication to reflect this. This provides the foundation for better relationships to be built between departments.


Don’t lose sight of the big picture

It can be easy to get lost in the small details, especially in the AP department. It’s important to communicate the company’s overall goal and how the AP department can work to achieve it to your team. It is also vital to … Read More >

March 14

Most Common Automation Pitfalls

Prepare before investing in automation. It is not simply a case of purchasing and installing automation software. As with all systems support needs to be arranged to ensure the full potential of the system is realised.

Before investing in automation make the following changes in your AP department: … Read More >

March 7

Top 5 T&E Expense Issues

As budget devoted to travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses grows companies seek to increase efficiencies and lower associated processing costs. Certify recently completed an investigation into T&E expenses and the associated difficulties companies experience.

According to this research the Top 5 T&E expense issues companies have are: … Read More >

February 28

Glantus Adest & Avido BI Seminar


Come Join us on March 29th 2017

We are holding a seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin Airport on Wednesday 29th March, to showcase our cutting edge Accounts AP Automation and Business Intelligence Solutions. These are our own solutions which can really extend your organisations competitive advantage.








  … Read More >