Paddy Power plc – Managing Significant Growth through control

Sector: Leisure, On-line Betting and Gaming.

Product: AdestAP, AdestWeb and AdestDM

Application:  Automated Purchase Invoice Processing, Invoice Matching, Approval Workflow, Expenses Requisition, Electronic Expense Payment Processing and Secure Storage


Paddy Power plc, a publicly quoted company, is the largest provider of online betting and gaming services in Ireland and a leading provider of such services in the UK.  With a turnover in excess of €275 million, it operates over 250 retail licensed betting offices across Ireland and the UK.

Since its foundation in 1988 Paddy Power has sought to be different from the pack by taking an unconventional approach to betting and gaming. The vision is simple, make betting with Paddy Power an entertaining, fun and fair experience that means more than simply winning or losing money.  Paddy Power is also committed to providing customers with the best product range and highest quality customer service.

The Challenge

Paddy Power processes all of their purchase invoices for the group through the Accounts Payable function at head office in Dublin. Prior to 2007 paper processing was intensive as all invoices, including those for the 250 retail outlets,required to be registered, approved and paid manually. This reliance on paper handling and manual processing was identified as inefficient and an escalating cost as the group continued to grow.

An Accounts Payable (AP) document processing solution that would keep pace with the significant growth Paddy Power was achieving was required to;

  • Remove paper processing
  • Dramatically shorten the invoice approval cycle
  • Automatically capture details of each invoice as it was received
  • Provide a centralised process and secure repository for all AP documentation

The Solution

After reviewing at a number of solutions Paddy Power choose Adest. “The Adest AP solution fulfilled all our requirements including the automated capture of invoice information and routing of imaged invoices for approval and coding. However it was the significant experience in delivering such solutions that made the real difference when deciding to choose Adest.” said Mr. David Ellis, Financial Controller with Paddy Power plc.

“In fact we did not expect that the savings in both time and money to be as significant as they have been. In addition, the whole process has really made the use of our internal resources more cost-effective.” said Mr. Ellis.

Whereas before invoices were photocopied, posted and even couriered to approvers, Adest removed the paper invoice copy at the point of entry and thereafter eliminated paper from the approval and payment process.  The status of any invoice is now available to all accounts payable staff and invoice data from Adest is used to update the status in our Oracle EPR system.

As a result, previous issues such as misplaced or lost invoices are eliminated. Identifying the current status of an invoice no longer poses difficulties for Accounts Payable personnel and relieves frustration from suppliers previously unable to get accurate answers to queries regarding payment.

“Using Adest means we are now aware of each invoice as it arrives into the account department via the Adest capture process. From there we are able to track it, immediately retrieve it and store it in electronic format whereas previously this was extremely time consuming and in some cases not possible” says Mr. Ellis.

Other Benefits

  • Audit trail and document history for each invoice
  • Faster supplier query resolution
  • Centralised AP document repository
  • Better supplier relationships