“Low-end digital disruption” occurs when the rate at which products improve exceeds the rate at which customers adopt the new performance.

The Accounts Payable (AP) function is a leading example of this phenomenon. The AP process remains primarily a manual and paper intensive process for most businesses. This is despite the fact that software technology, specifically designed to automate the purchase requisition to purchase invoice payment process (i.e. Purchase to Payment process, aka P2P), has been available for over a decade.

Reports indicate that the low rate of adoption has historically been primarily as a result of two key factors:

  1. The prohibitive cost to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) of automation technology within the AP and P2P functions
  2. The lack of embedded automation technologies within exiting financial applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

However the good news is that recent disruptive technology, specifically designed for SME is now bridging this chasm by addressing these two key issues head on.

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  • Manual AP Processing
  • Automated AP Solutions
    I. Purchase Requisition Management
    II. Intelligent Capture and Digital Management
    III. Automated Invoice Approval Processing
    IV. Automated Invoice Matching
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