• What is it?

    An innovative solution from a Sage
    Development Partner that simplifies
    accounts payable processing.

  • Who is it for?

    Sage 200 users - your business. We've done our research so you get real results at the lower cost.

  • Why use it?

    It saves time and money in your accounts payable process, and lets you grow your business.

  • Integrated with Sage 200
  • Energy Savings
  • Visibility & Control

How It Works

  • Cloud based intelligent automated invoice data and image capture
  • Processes all invoices directly to your existing Sage 200 application
  • No integration required — it’s already done
  • Auto-matches invoices to your purchase order and goods received data
  • Web based approval workflow for authorisation of invoice payment
  • Auto-assignment of general ledger coding and tax coding
  • Enables Straight Through Processing for your accounts payable team

The overall efficiency and the shorter timeframe to process our invoices has resulted in a dramatic increase in productivity, with all paper and manual processing removed.

- Jimmy Dalton, CEO, Arkphire

Why It Works

  • Fully integrated to your Sage 200 application
  • Intelligent capture of invoices means secure filing without paper handling
  • No time is wasted looking up purchase order and/or delivery details
  • Eliminates manual distribution of invoices for payment approval
  • Up to an immediate 80% productivity gain with renewed capacity for business growth
  • Duplicate invoices are identified and no invoices are lost
  • All invoices are tracked and audited by status
  • Process bottlenecks are removed via workflow, automated coding, matching and approval
  • Key employees skills and their true value to your business is realised
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