Adest AP - purchase invoice processing

AdestAP in 4 minutes

The AdestAP Solution

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the requirement to automate supplier invoice processing.

Automated supplier invoice processing is now an essential function of any accounts payable process. With more and more suppliers sending invoices by email or seeking to send e‐invoices, it is necessary for every business to automate in order to remain competitive and flexible to manage growth.

AdestAP automates invoice capture, verification, matching, registration, coding, approval, status update, posting, filing and archiving in one solution. This brings the benefits of e‐invoicing and digital processing, leading to typical efficiency savings of over 75% – and we are always happy to present where this saving comes from!

On premise, on the cloud, or via a unique hybrid solution, automated invoice processing via AdestAP offers businesses full visibility and control over the entire purchase invoice process.

Key Features

  • Elimination of routine manual tasks from your employees so that their true value is realised
  • Intelligent capture of all purchase invoice capture from paper, email, XML, etc
  • Auto‐matching (2 and 3 way) of invoices to purchase orders and/or goods receipted
  • Elimination of paper invoice processing by receiving e‐invoices
  • Elimination of manual distribution of invoices for approval
  • Elimination of bottlenecks via collaborative workflow for automated coding, matching, approval & approval
  • Elimination of manual filing, lost invoices and keeping track of invoice status

Key Benefits

  • Complete auto-processing of your invoices with full visibility, audit trail and reporting for each invoice transaction
  • Productivity gains of over 75% with renewed capacity to grow your business by auto processing invoices received
  • Automated matching and on‐line authorisation means real‐time status updates and empowers operational improvements
  • Reduction in invoice and supplier queries to exploiting on‐time payment discounts
  • Elimination of manual filing and lost invoices via secure and compliant electronic storage and archive
  • A green solution and reduced carbon footprint by eliminating all paper processing

How it works

AdestAP enables all purchase invoices to be automatically and intelligently captured and then immediately managed through the accounts payable process you require.

All key AP processes are managed based upon the invoice type captured e.g. automated matching to purchase orders and goods receipted if a PO invoice or via processing for on‐line approval and auto‐coding if a NON‐PO invoice, before being electronically posted to your financial/accounts or ERP application.

Electronic invoice processing combined with system controls and features such as customised user screens, enhanced security, invoice header and line item capture and web access means significantly less manual work, shorter total processing time, decreased costs and early notification of errors.

AdestAP also incorporates a comprehensive AdestWorkflow engine module, placing process control in the hands of the business enabling faster and more accurate checking, auto verification, auto coding, auto matching to PO’s (2 way), goods receipt matching (3 way) and query management of all invoice types to offer both right first time and straight‐through invoice processing.




Every Adest subscription license is provided with full helpdesk support and software maintenance services. Our focus and priority is to ensure your system is kept fully operational at both a user and application level.


The purpose and plan behind your Adest solution is always fully understood and support everyone involved in using the Adest solution. In fact, key to the operational success of any Adest solution is dependent upon key users training.


A team of committed professionals, with a proven track record of consistently delivering our solutions to high standards, means we can offer a broad range of clearly defined solutions via our technical services.


Our goal is to make accounts payable work for your business, and so we strive to tailor our solutions to your needs, this includes integrating our software with your ERP system, no matter which one your business uses.