Adest AR Accounts Receivable

The AdestAR Solution

AdestAR (Accounts Receivable) removes all paper, all manual processing and enables your business to manage and dispatch all your sales documentation electronically, e.g. sales invoices, copy signed proof of delivery notes, etc.

AdestAR automates the process of document capture, validation and processing as well as electronically and securely storing all your sales documentation. Key sales data can therefore be automatically sent to your existing financial and processing systems e.g. ERP or CRM and indexed for future search and retrieval.

Optimise and control the entire accounts receivable process from order confirmation, proof of delivery management, distribution of goods, delivery, invoice generation, query resolution and cash collection.


Send your customers their invoices electronically and remove the cost of invoice generation and distribution. AdestAR incorporates workflow to present your documents on‐line, for issues such as customer queries, automated invoice creation and distribution and associated payment request processes.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Especially effective for automated Proof of Delivery (POD) capture and processing, AdestAR will electronically file and process each POD, e.g. via Barcode, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

All your PODs can be easily searched and retrieved by an authorised user via user access controlled search module or via the AdestAR web application from which clients can search for their own PODs.

In addition customer signatures or a physically stamped paper document can be digitally checked and validated as part of the application of business rules. PODs can also be auto‐emailed to the customer with their e‐Invoice to reduce customer payment queries.

Remittance Processing

Remittance Processing manages and automates the entire process of receiving cheques and matching to remittance advices, providing an accurate view of payments received against invoice issued.

Collection cycles are significantly reduced and all remittance documents are made available from within the AdestAR secure document hub.

Key Features

  • Automated capture and distribution of sales invoices from your ERP system, e.g. via email in PDF, XML or EDI formats
  • Web based retrieval and electronic customer delivery of sales invoices and related PODs for improved cash collection processes
  • Secure storage of your e‐invoices and invoice data for key reporting and sales analysis
  • Elimination of manual POD handing, sorting, filing and forwarding via automated web scanning and indexing
  • Elimination of manual matching of PODs to sales invoices for immediate customer query resolution
  • Elimination of lost PODs and manual tracking, reconciliation and reporting on POD status
  • System based capture of customer cheques and remittances
  • Facilitates query management such as reporting on outstanding balances
  • Managed user access to all documents captured during the sales lifecycle process

Key Benefits

  • Over 75% reduction in the cost of filing, tracking and distributing of your sales invoices
  • Reduction in asset management and customer debtor days
  • Ability to retrieve and review invoices with full user access rights management internally and externally
  • Automated filing, linking and interfacing to third party Financial, ERP, CRM, etc systems
  • Automated confirmation of accurate PODs processing to allow immediate invoicing to customers for completed orders
  • Instantaneous access to all documents for immediate on‐line query resolution
  • Web Access to documents, i.e. self‐service for customer query resolution
  • Automated electronic distribution of invoices and PODs
  • System based exception reporting that provides immediate analysis on lost or mislaid PODs to eliminate potential bad debts and invoice queries



Every Adest subscription license is provided with full helpdesk support and software maintenance services. Our focus and priority is to ensure your system is kept fully operational at both a user and application level.


The purpose and plan behind your Adest solution is always fully understood and support everyone involved in using the Adest solution. In fact, key to the operational success of any Adest solution is dependent upon key users training.


A team of committed professionals, with a proven track record of consistently delivering our solutions to high standards, means we can offer a broad range of clearly defined solutions via our technical services.


Our goal is to make accounts payable work for your business, and so we strive to tailor our solutions to your needs, this includes integrating our software with your ERP system, no matter which one your business uses.