Document Management and Processing Solutions

Human Resources (HR)

AdestDM brings secure, electronic document, processing and workflow to any HR department. Elimination of manual processes enables our customers to manage all HR departmental documents and employee related content through their entire employment lifecycle.

Key features

  • Secure storage and retrieval of HR related documents
  • Full employee lifecycle document processing and management
  • Employee expenses processing
  • Staff travel approval process
  • Employees training administration

Insurance Claims Processing

AdestDM automates the processing of any insurance claims process.

Using predefined workflow tasks required to meet an insurers or underwriters business rules, the AdestDM solution provides a fully automated process with clear visibility and control over any claim life-cycle in order to minimise the cost of processing a claim and the time taken to receive payment for each claim.

Centralised Billing

AdestDM combines the power of AdestAP and AdestAR to offer a solution specifically for use by organisations that require centralised billing.

All invoices (paper or electronic) are captured, validated, processed and distributed via the AdestWorkflow engine for payment.
Fully configurable to process all your invoices in custom batches for distribution, invoices can be presented in a format required to enable automated processing by your customers if required.

On‐Line Document Registration Services

Need to capture documents from customers submitted via the web ?

AdestDM is developed to enable any business securely capture any document, image, photo or other digital media and upload it to the secure Adest Repository for further processing as required. Internet based businesses are key users of this function, enabling them to register new customers securely via automated processing of their identification and registration documentation.

Forms Processing

Forms processing automates the extraction of information from paper or softcopy forms for transfer to your ERP, CRM system or as required for further processing.

Key benefits:

  • Elimination of manual forms processing that consumes significant time and resources
  • Elimination of data entry errors
  • Automatic output of all captured data in a format available for any third party application to import
  • Efficient accurate, data collection via scanning and automated data capture

Key features:

  • Process forms in any format, including paper, fax, internet, email, XML, other digital files, and digital pen media
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology to read and process machine‐printed and handwritten text, barcodes, check boxes, circles, tables, and matrices
  • Process different variations of the same form
  • Delivers output in a simple text file, easy to integrate with any system

Take a look at Forms Data Extraction Processing in action…




Every Adest subscription license is provided with full helpdesk support and software maintenance services. Our focus and priority is to ensure your system is kept fully operational at both a user and application level.


The purpose and plan behind your Adest solution is always fully understood and support everyone involved in using the Adest solution. In fact, key to the operational success of any Adest solution is dependent upon key users training.


A team of committed professionals, with a proven track record of consistently delivering our solutions to high standards, means we can offer a broad range of clearly defined solutions via our technical services.


Our goal is to make accounts payable work for your business, and so we strive to tailor our solutions to your needs, this includes integrating our software with your ERP system, no matter which one your business uses.