Adest EXP Travel and Expense Processing


The AdestEXP Solution

AdestEXP (travel and expense processing) automates the task of travel and expense management. This means employees can use the web based Adest system for any necessary expense requisitions and all their expense claims and reimbursement requests. Travel and expense requests can be electronically approved via authorisation workflow in advance of being purchased. AdestEXP therefore enables any business to capture and process expense requests and claims more efficiently.

Combined with enforced system rules and processes, it makes travel and expense claims easier to produce from any location and quicker to process, reducing the reimbursement period.

By using a web‐based interface, AdestEXP can be accessed on the road, meaning expense requests with image receipts can be recorded and uploaded, then instantly sent for approval. This allows for a more efficient process, faster claim processing and greater cost management.

In addition, the AdestEXP module has the capability to directly and securely import employees credit card data and purchase lists. This enables users to securely assign and code the correct expense without spending time creating separate claims. AdestEXP will then automatically convert approved expense claims into expense invoices.

Key Features

  • Web based expense requisition and expense reimbursement claims.
  • Expense requisition approval, auditing and reporting all managed centrally.
  • Live credit card import functionality for individual expense assignment and coding by employees.
  • Electronic capture and attachment of receipts to each electronic claim.
  • Automated posting of expense claims direct to your ERP system.

Key Benefits

  • Removal of all costs associated with manual processing of expense claims.
  • Control spend on expenses via a system managed expense requisition process.
  • Reduction of the administration and time period to reimburse your employees for expense payments.
  • Full audit trail and key system reporting provides managers and the AP team with full visibility on company wide expense spend and status.

How it works

Manual expense requisition, expense processing and reimbursement is a laborious process. The AdestEXP module removes all manual tasks and unnecessary traditional processes. This allows any business to quickly operate a system that will easily capture expense requests and claims efficiently.

It enables employees to create a travel and other such requests that must be approved prior to travel. Claim processing is then managed by AdestEXP from the time a user creates the request and receives approval, to the expense claim process in line with your internal policies, e.g. set tolerances, agreed subsistence rates, travel mileage allowances, etc.

Purchases made using company credit cards can be automatically imported, enabling users to assign and code the correct expense without having to create a separate expense claim and all approved expense claims can be automatically converted to an expense invoice to the business and split out by cost centre codes.



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